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Ordering High Quality Business Cards

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While we tend to focus on all things digital at MARKETMOX, it can’t be denied that some very important marketing happens on paper. Your business card, for example, can quickly become the face of your business. For many, it will become the first interaction they have with you and your brand. Naturally, that means your business card should reflect the quality and personality of products or services your business offers. When it comes to ordering high quality business cards, I’ve got a recommendation for you.

Ah, this is so right. We love the amazing quality of business cards we've ordered. Try these recommendations by @marketmox.

More than 10 billion business cards are printed in the United States each year. So, it’s pretty imperative that you stand out. Add in that company sales increase by 2.5% for every 2,000 cards that are distributed and you simply can’t ignore the power of great cards. Having designed for print for years, I’m explore a number of business card printers and pay close attention to what others are handing out. So, when it came time to order new cards for my business, I turned to MOO.

Unique Business Stationary


MOO is an online print and design company based out of the UK. They print millions of cards each month and ship to more than 180 countries — including the US! MOO helps you stand out from the crowd with great design and high-end stationary. And high end it definitely is. Their premium print products include business cards, postcards, note cards, flyers, stickers and more — each with hundreds of exclusive design templates, or you can upload your own.

My most recent order included a small, odd-sized card with an extra layer of stock to create a neat effect on the edges. I bled photos off the sides so that one side of the card showcased my photography. They were gorgeous. The thickness, dense quality and softness of the matte paper created a wonderful feel that constantly drew an “ooo” from each person I handed them to. I’ve always been thrilled with the quality of cards they’ve delivered — and that positive reaction from business acquaintances just reinforces that.

100 different cards


After several awesome experiences with MOO, I’m happy to recommend their service to you for business cards and beyond. Questions about my cards? Tweet me @marketmox and I’ll try to help!

That MOO link up there — that’s an affiliate link. You should know that if you click it and then you buy something, their company will toss me some spare change for being cool and helping them advertise. I’d still recommend their services even without that — but as a marketing educator, I feel obligated to make sure you know what you’re clicking on. Cheers!

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