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Now That You’ve Read Our Targeting eBook

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Earlier this week, we announced the launch of our brand spanking new audience targeting ebook: Audience Targeting: Digital Marketing Strategies for Finding Your Customers Online. Since we’ve had such an incredible number of downloads and it only takes about 45 minutes to read, I’m going to assume you’ve all soaked up this awesomeness and are ready for part 2.

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You’ve read our new audience targeting ebook. Now what?

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First, head right back over to Amazon and leave us an awesome review. The world needs to know about this incredible audience targeting story and we need you to help us tell it. The more reviews we collect on the ebook page, the more Amazon will love us. And, the more Amazon loves us, the more likely it is that you’ll get even more cool free stuff in the very near future. So — go, go, go! We want to hear your thoughts!

Audience Targeting eBook

Seriously, go review this masterpiece. This post will wait.

Take the First Steps

Our audience targeting ebook introduces several concepts that you can get started with right away.

  1. Finding your target audience
  2. Identifying your targeting strategy
  3. Optimizing your existing ads

Carefully plan how you want to tackle each of these opportunities in your current marketing initiatives. Start by gathering data on your audience, current campaign ROI and more so that you can make informed decisions for your next steps.

Write It Down

“Winging it” is rarely an effective strategy in marketing. As you work through your audience targeting plans, write down key details that will impact your strategy later. Your best bet: use the Target Audience Profile Worksheet available within the ebook to record details about your target audience and identify key trends in your ideal customers.

Once you’ve done this, keep your profile handy to reference each time you set up a new campaign. These parameters will be a fantastic help in ensuring that every ad dollar reaches precisely the right customer.

Test Your Targeting

One of my most favorite elements of digital marketing is the data. Because nearly every platform can provide you results in real time, you can optimize campaigns quickly, run A/B tests and prove effectiveness fast.

Start a campaign with your new targeting parameters. Watch it closely. Compare its stats to those of previous campaigns that were targeted in other ways. Pay close attention to your success metrics and set a time frame at which you will determine whether or not your new parameters are working to your liking.

Optimize Your Strategy

Not seeing the results you want? Or, seeing opportunities for even better targeting? Optimize! Leverage the new data you’ve gathered to repeat the entire process again. Optimization can significantly amplify your campaign success and help to keep new leads flowing in smoothly!

Those Amazon links up there are affiliate links. If you click them, Amazon offers me a tiny commission for referring you their direction. But, seeing as how the eBook is free right now….

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