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Adventures in Tandyland: Social Media Success with Mat & Kitchen

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Tandy and Mateo Gutierrez are the brains and brawn behind the incredible fitness and wellness website Mat & Kitchen (lovingly dubbed M&K). Over the past year, I’ve met Tandy — both in person and through the magic of the Internet — to not only to work on my own health and fitness strategy, but also swap entrepreneur tips and witness her company’s incredible growth.

At it’s core, Mat & Kitchen can teach all of us a ton about content marketing and social media strategy. Especially when it comes to fostering a genuine connection with your audience. In the startup’s few action-packed years, the M&K social reach alone has surpassed 40,000 niche followers — which Tandy very much credits to organic engagement.

Finding social media success with entrepreneur and professional personal trainer, Tandy Gutierrez @matandkitchen. Snag a free 30-day subscription too! @marketmox


What inspired Mat & Kitchen?

Tandy: I had just given birth to my second son and was wondering what the next phase of my work life was going to be. My husband, Mateo, and I were discussing producing a DVD, me opening another studio, me going back to work but I wanted to be at home more with my kids and not miss so much.

I was trying to have it all in a balanced fashion. I wanted to be able to teach more people, take less hours away from home, give more people the opportunity to train with a high-end trainer and show that you can create more wellness in a body by actually doing less. All for a reasonable price and on your own schedule.

In a completely organic fashion Mateo woke up one morning and said “I’ve got it!” and we started putting together what was originally Pimp Your Mat. Totally bare bones, from home. We created what I wanted as a busy mom with a more limited budget because of kiddo #2.

It’s obvious that you create boat loads of content to fuel Mat & Kitchen. What roles do content and social media marketing play in your business?

Tandy: Content is everything! It’s the reason we knew we had a viable business. If you don’t have content that people want you don’t have anything. M&K has workouts, food and lifestyle pieces that educate, inspire, motivate and create a community of fun around a healthy lifestyle. I’m never out of content and, in fact, we find we often have too much to share!

[gdlr_quote align=”right” ]I had a fan page for 4 years prior to ever having a service to offer anyone.[/gdlr_quote]M&K was built via social media. It was a genuine community that literally grew it from nothing. I had a blog for a few years called Pimp Your Mat that eventually became the fan page on Facebook for 4 years. I had a fan page for 4 years prior to ever having a service to offer anyone. It was a genuine place to post info and education and answer fitness and wellness questions from fans. We never bought a single ad or spent a PR dollar for the first 2 and a half years. M&K strictly grew from sharing and posting via social media.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned as a business owner?

Tandy: People really want to see you succeed and are happy to share something they love and something they truly believe in. I’ve learned more about the goodness of the world and how positive support is more abundant than we think.

Mat & Kitchen could be a great gift or self care purchase through the holidays. What’s the easiest way to get started?

Tandy: Subscribers can benefit the most from M&K during the holidays because it fits their time schedules. Whether they are dealing with holiday parties, kid functions, end of year goals at work, additional travel and family around the holidays they can work out any time they want to in only the space of a mat; in the office, at home, in a hotel room or even in the lobby of their kid’s swim school (yup, that’s a true one).

There’s no scheduling excuse that will cancel out M&K. It’s only 30 minutes, you can choose one without a prop, if you’ve got carpet you don’t even need a mat and it’s not super sweaty work to where you require a shower or even a change of clothes always. It’s efficient and accessible and doesn’t blow your holiday budget.

Mat & KitchenAn M&K subscription is truly the kindest and healthiest thing you can give as a gift. Gifting is super simple on the site. From the home page just click on the turquoise present in the top right corner and choose what amount of time you want to give 1-12 months at a time, and an email is sent to your receiver after you pay. Done deal. No wrapping, no waste, all health and wellness and possibility.

I feel like Kansas City is becoming M&K’s second home. Tell me more about the community here.

Tandy: The incredible thing about M&K is that although it’s an online resource we have an incredibly connected and family feel to our community. We’re basically a brick and mortar studio, but online. We talk, we chat, I personally guide subscribers and send them healing or balancing homework via email as well as drop custom folders or workouts specific to their body needs if they reach out and ask me for them (i.e. low back issues, migraine headaches, sensitive belly issues, post or pre-natal, diastis rectici and hip injuries or issues, just to name a few).

I really am your teacher and your mentor. I teach online challenges and sessions as well and we connect in private Facebook groups and weekly emails with fitness and wellness education and assignments for M&K members to apply in their lives weekly.

This online community has incredible anchors in an offline space as well. Kansas City is one of my favorite cities with a loyal and strong group. They connect in their own Facebook private group and meet up for dinners of M&K Live Events (2 hour workshops that I come to town to teach 1-2 times a year) that are free to members and allow them to have a real, physical sense of community and tribe in addition the online and social media aspect.

M&K is real. It’s super grounded fitness and wellness that teaches how a body really works in a kind manner that produces real results. It’s about finding your tribe and finding a place that finally makes sense in tech noise and chaos of the fitness industry. It’s not another fitness offering online, it’s a real community and studio that just happens to be online because I simply can’t teach in every country around the world at the same time, in person….but I can online!

In true Tandy style, she included a FREE 30-day subscription with this MARKETMOX interview! (Lady is my superhero.) I’m over the moon that you all have the opportunity to experience the incredible community that she’s built, and you’ll get to do so with an unbelievable offer just for MARKETMOX readers! You get:

A FREE 30-day subscription including…

  • On the mat: a 30-day rewind of 30-minute workout videos with brand new workouts added every 3 days
  • In the kitchen: 300+ gluten and dairy free recipes plus the coveted M&K Food Reset
  • And, the community: lifestyle ‘challenges,’ detailed discussion private Facebook groups and direct access to Tandy as your personal trainer via email and social media any time you need motivation, support or guidance

And, when you realize you love it, your official subscription will also include…

…all of the workouts from your free trial plus the 30-day rewind on your account — giving you a grand total of 30 workouts in your library! Most subscribers start M&K with just one Video of the Day. You’ll have 30! It’s a $96 value that will be pre-loaded on your account when you purchase your next month!

To get started on that FREE 30-day subscription:

  • Sign up at matandkitchen.com.
  • Use promo code MOXSBS to zero your cart, get the 30-day rewind and your custom folders.
  • Click submit and enjoy your free month of wellness!
  • Like the Matandkitchen page on Facebook to join and see the community in action.

You will need a credit card to sign up, but won’t be charged in your first month! You can even enter the promo code first and see the $0 bill if it makes you feel better! Don’t worry — if you decide M&K isn’t right for you in those first 30 days, you can easily cancel online at any time. On Day 31, your official subscription begins and will bill monthly to your account.

Get all the M&K greatness:  [gdlr_icon type=”icon-facebook-sign” color=”#353535″ size=”15px” ] [gdlr_icon type=”icon-twitter-sign” color=”#353535″ size=”15px” ] [gdlr_icon type=”icon-instagram” color=”#353535″ size=”15px” ] [gdlr_icon type=”icon-pinterest-sign” color=”#353535″ size=”15px” ]

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